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About the FashionEastA....

“What you wear tells the world how you want to be treated” ~Clinton Kelly

Danielle began her business in Washington, D.C in 2009 working full time in non-profit and for two years freelancing as a stylist, mostly with those working on Capitol Hill. She also held small fundraising fashion events at local boutiques to raise money for children in Africa. In the summer of 2011 she decided to live the the dream of working in the fashion industry and moved to New York City assisting people from around the world as well as some of our most loved celebrities! Danielle loves to keep up with every major fashion trend and latest savvy style. As a Stacy London, “What Not To Wear,” trained stylist, she knows that style is not about fashion it is about fit. She has an eye and passion for dressing each person to be their unique self and express who they really are, on the inside! “This business began for a love of fashion and a love of missions, and was created to inspire others to use creativity to give back what God has given us.”

Having traveled to several third world countries such as Africa, Philippines, Dominican Republic and Peru, Danielle has seen a need in areas of not along poverty but also injustice and is beginning branch out to other charities to support. The fight to help young girls who have been caught up in this human isssue of "trafficking" are heavy on her heart and she plans on using future appointments and events to give to the cause.

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