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FashionEastA is amazing! My problem is that I have really, really small closet space and way too many clothes and accessories. I was held captive by all this stuff I really didn't need but didn't know what to do with it. When Danielle came to my house she jumped right into my closet and started pulling stuff out I haven't worn in years. I knew I needed to get rid of a lot of clothes but I couldn't have done it without Danielle's help. She gave me candid advice about my wardrobe and we laughed a lot during the process which made it so much fun! Now, after getting rid of over 5 bags of clothes and shoes my closet is much more manageable and I feel good because I was able to help with a good cause! I definitely recommend FashionEastA, Danielle is up on the latest fashion trends and she's a sweetheart to work with!~Yvonne, very satisfied FashionEastA customer

"I love beautiful clothes, am particular, hate to shop, am impatient and want to move out of my comfort zone but not by too much. I also believe in flawless customer service as that is what I have built my own career on. Sounds horrid, right? I agree. But Danielle did not. She was patient, thoughtful, judicious in her creativity-knew when to push, when to stand down and I walked away with things I would never have picked for myself. She is a gem, Keep an eye out for her for bigger and better things. She is a winner!" ~Director, Goldman Sachs

"Not only does Danielle have a great sense of style herself, she is gifted at finding the perfect look and style for others. As a Mom and a "economical" shopper, I had determined that I didn't have the time or money to find a new outfit. Not only did Danielle find the right clothes (in the right size!) in less than 20 minutes, but she kept me under my clothing budget. I highly recommending hiring Danielle whether you are shopping for a special occasion or just updating your current wardrobe - she is great at finding just what you need." ~Lauren, mom and wife"Danielle has an amazing gift in the world of fashion - and not just in the area of knowing what looks good on someone, but also in helping you build an actual wardrobe, complete with organization of your closet as well! Last year, I was lucky enough to have her go through my "crazy closet," (as I like to call it!), and she got rid of things I didn't realize I didn't need and were out of style, while helping me organize it in a way that made it much easier to navigate. It's still the way she left it one year later. :) AND...she has a knack for piecing outfits together in ways I'd NEVER think of! And they just work. For her, it's effortless...for those of us who could use a lil' help in this area, Danielle's your girl. :)" - Michelle, satisfied customer

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